Zamusa was a member of the three-man Simeon Reconaissance Squad known as the Flea Team




Needless 0

Following Kafka's destruction at the hands of Adam Blade, the Flea Team was at risk of being disbanded, having lost its leader and only offensive type Needless. Therefore, Zamusa and Gregoire resolved to capture Disk, the Resistance's information broker. While Blade and Teruyama were away, however, when Zamusa used his Fragment to spy on Cruz, Disk, and Dr. Gidou, he misinterpreted their conversation for something else. 

Zamusa and Gregoire, remembering Cruz's blood relation to Aruka Schild, speculated that Cruz must also be a powerful needless. More so given Aruka's penchant for cruelty they assumed Cruz must also be the same.Ultimately, they were both annihilated by Disk's finishing move: Destroy Evolution (even though Disk wasn't even aware of their presence), assuming the attack came from Cruz.

Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Clairvoyance - Greatly enhances his ocular perception. His ability allows him to see through walls as if they were transparent, although whatever he sees can be misinterpreted.

Flea Team 2

Zamusa and Gregoire surrender to Cruz's almighty power.

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