Uten (右天) is one of the Simeon's Shintenou (Elite Four). Uten is not his real name. If refers to Arclight's right hand (or wing, as Uten literally is translated to "right wing") man instead..

His Fragment (Bermuda Athport) allows him to make things Invisible. He pretends to have numerous abilities claiming them to be "magic", when really he's really making objects appear or disappear, such as invisible guns or making a floor disappear to show a spiked pit.

Oddly he is killed quite early on in the series by Eve, despite his high power level and rank within Simeon. Later however a clone of his appears.




Battle Record

Opponent Outcome
Uten VS Eve Neuschwanstein Killed
Uten VS Seto Defeated
Uten & Kafka VS Seto & Solva Defeated

Powers and Abilities

Uten is

Fragment: Bermuda Asport/ Athport - Uten uses his Fragment to prepare traps ahead of time to corner his opponents, this ranges far and wide from spiked floors, bombs, falling Boulders and much more. He attacks his enemy under the guise of a magician or a fragment involving creation of weapons or matter. This allows him to not only fool his enemies of the real capabilities of his fragment but also prevent them from creating counter measures against his attacks due to the confusion.

Initially he could only render inorganic matter invisible and could not render himself or other organic matter invisible using his fragment. After being cloned however and receiving a Stigmata he has surpassed that previous limitation

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