aka Daigo

  • I live in a futuristic city where my creator (I'm a clone of his son) has tried to kill me about 5 times by now!
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is The Otaku King
  • I am a duck
  • DaigoUKnow

    OP 1 Fandub lyrics

    September 29, 2013 by DaigoUKnow

    Hey. I just recently watched the anime and am going to watch the manga. So, I thought I'd give those singers out there a challenge.

    I create fandub lyrics for Modern Strange Cowboy (possibly going to be in my top ten list of anime openings).

    (Howdy, pardner!)

    Ready, Set, Go, and Fly Away! Open your mind to new ideas

    Until rust shows on your momentum

    Show off just like a movie star, Time to rip it like a rock star

    Push aside competition

    We are modern strange cowboys

    Are you ready for some action?

    There's nothing standing in your way

    Do you have any function?

    Go way back to the fire

    I can't find a way to describe this


    I just can't ignore my will (Just can't ignore my will)

    No, I will not run anymore

    So I will try to survive, even in this blazing h…

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