Teruyama Momiji is a primary character in the manga Needless. He is introduced as an enemy to Adam Blade; seeking revenge for his fallen comrades. He later joins Blade and crew after discovering that it was in fact Adam Arclight that killed his friends.


Teruyama has orange, spiked hair. He wears a jacket with Yoroshiku characters on its back and what appear to be white jeans. The stomach section of his upper body is covered in bandages.He's usually seen smoking a cigarette.


As his fragment, he is easily fired up. However, he gets angry when being called Uchida by Blade or Eve.

Needless 0

We see Teruyama acting as a guard for the Gate to enter the Black Spot who is bribed easily to allow entrance[1]

Abilities and Powers

Fragment: Fire/Flame - Allow the user to create and control fire to attack. it can be used to enhance direct physical attacks by adding in the fire element to an attack, or be fire upon an enemy as a projectile. It also grant the Needless some resistance to similar type Fragment involving heat. [2]

Later on, after Teruyama was reborn as a clone and presumably had Eden's Seed injected into him which is visible in his abdomen[3]. Having received the eden's seed teruyama's Fragment greatly increased as shown as he was easily able to destroy the drill portion of Eve's Eve cannon[4]


Little Boy: Engulfs his fist with fire, creating a close-range, punch attack.

Vulcan Shock Ignition: Creates a giant fireball, aiming at the enemy.


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