Super gel dero doro drink

A drink which possesses 5,000 kilocalories in a single can. Equivalent to 10 meals in a day. It is Primarily consumed in the series by Eve Neuschwanstein for this very reason, as the Fragment Doppelganger consumes a large amount of calories in usage.

Originally marketed as a Health drink but was described as "Nasty with gross texture", thus resulted in its failure as a product. It was then pulled from the shelves and was disposed of in the Black Spot.

However due to its high calorie equivalent and nutritional value it became popular in the Black Spot as a cheap substitute for food. Consuming 1 can of Super Gel Dero Doro Drink is enough to allow an average human to live for 3 days without needing any more additional sustenance. It should be noted however that it may address the human need for calories but does not replace the bodies need for water.

A concentrated version was created by Simeon Company for the use of Eve Neuschwanstein in her brainwashed state due to the Black Attraction Fragment.