Strom is the leader of the Overlord Guild, and the primary antagonist of the Eve's Story Arc. He makes his first debut in Chapter 79 of the Manga. It has been mentioned that he later on joined into Simeon Company.


Strom believes is a firm believer in the philosophy that "might makes right." He is confounded by the thought of "hope" and "miracles," because he believes they are ridiculous fantasies invented by the weak. According to Strom, as long as the strong prevent miracles from happening, then they will never happen. As the leader of Overlord, Strom commands an undying respect from his followers.

However, others will find his personality unsettling, if not downright bizarre. His ruthless behavior and serious dialogue is offput by the ridiculous clothes he wears. Furthermore, Strom suffers from short term memory loss, for example, when he slaughters all of the Needless in an area after forgetting that they swore allegiance to Overlord.

Powers and Abilities

Strom is one of only 12 Needless that possess a stigmata; this makes him a fearsome opponent. Described by Saten as one of the 2 people in Simoen Company that he could not defeat (the other being Adam Arclight).

Fragment is Cruel Vajra Fist, which allows him to wield devastating ice-based attacks. This fragment can also be used to create an impenetrable ice wall, in order to create the ultimate defense. It was so dense and strong that a flame thrower designed and built by Kanna was only able to melt a few meters into it even when it was left running over the night. Only an ability possessing an extreme mastery over heat, such as Agni Schiwatas or the Fourth Wave, could possibly melt Strom's ice.

Cruel Vajra Fist

How Strom rewards his new loyal followers.