Speed (速 (スピード)Supīdo) is a Needless Fragment. It was first seen used by Setsuna .It allows the user to reach break neck speed from a stationary or at rest position. it can reach speeds breaking the sound barrier. It is regarded as a Missing Link type Fragment



The main power of the Fragment is to increase the speed of the user and subsequently protects them from the sudden burst of Momentum of starting and stopping. the user is able to reach speed breaking the sound barrier {Speed of sound is 340.3 m/s (1,225 km/h, 761.2 mph)}. The fastest known speed of the user reaches up to Mach 9 (11,113.2km/h). Attacks imbued with speed by the user is at least strong enough to break metal. 


  • Dean Drive Fox Hound (D(ディーン)D(ドライブ)F・H(フォックスハウンド)): A barrage of attack made at Mach 2, and the most used move. First seen used by Setsuna against Eve in Iron Mountain.
  • Dean Drive Black Bird (D(ディーン)D(ドライブ)B・B(ブラックバード)): A barrage of attack made at Mach 3. First seen used by Setsuna against Eve in Iron Mountain.
  • Dean Drive Rocket Sled (D(ディーン)D(ドライブ)R・T(ロケットスレッド)): A barrage of attack made at Mach 9, supposedly Setsuna's most powerful move, the attack was powerful enough to greatly damage a metal wall. It was first seen used against Eve in Iron Mountain.

Weakness: The user(Setsuna) possesses normal human level of Kinetic Vision. Therefore the user can only move in a straight line, allowing their enemies to predict their next location or route depending on the action.


  • "Dean Drive Fox Hound" refers to the Russian supersonic interceptor aircraft MiG-31 "Foxhound"                (Max speed Mach 2.83)
  • "Dean Drive Black Bird" refers to the U.S. strategic reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird"      (Max speed Mach 3.3)
  • Although "Dean Drive Rocket Sled" refers to the rocket sled, the fastest vehicle in the world, in the original manga the name is abbreviated as D.D.R.T. Because of this, the move is often misspelled as "Dean Drive Rocket Thread".

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