Solva is a young girl with Magnets in her hair. Her Fragment is "Magnetic World" or in other words is "Magnetism". An ability that grants her power to manipulate metals and create a magnetic fields and shockwaves. Disc mentioned that her fragment is a 'Unique Magnetic Field' and that she can repel almost every attack in a 100 meter radius. She is sweet and charming on the outside but is a menace and a sadistic person on the inside. Solva is the leader of a gang of bandits called The Predators. After being defeated by Blade and Seto, she seems to have become Seto's partner, when Blade left them. She is a meglomaniac and her desire is for everyone to bow down before her as the ruler of Black Spot. She is voiced by Asami Imai in the original Japanese version and Elizabeth Bunch in the English dubbed version.


Solva has the appearance of a cute dainty girl with blue hair tied by magnets in a twin tail style. She wears a black and white striped dress covering up to her wrist and just above her ankle with a pair of small wings at the back, a red ribbon at her chest and wears black boots.

In combat however, her usually kind and gentle facade is replaced with a sadistic and menacing face and smile.


Solva initially portrays a cute, kind and delicate young lady, who worries for others. Her true personality however is a megalomaniac who wishes to dominate and control others. Specifically she desires to rule all those who inhabit the black spot, and quite possibly the world.


Needless 0

Mustache Arc

After the PF Zero Blast, she reappeared along Blade and Seto and killed Hatfield. She and Seto remained behind to defend the town from future attacks.

She then reappeared alongside Seto when the others were about to enter the other world and hunt down the Simeji.

City Arc

Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Magnetic World - Allows the user to attract and or repel anything the user is aware of within a 100 meter radius, by creating a magnetic field where her hands are directed at. It is typically used by declaring either "Magnetic World (Attract/Attraction)" or "Magnetic World: Anti (Repel)" and the object or individual that Solva addresses. The object or individual need not be specifically named and may be as generalized or described by Solva.

Aside from being a needless, Solva is also adept at deception, given her seemingly hidden true persona for those who initially meet her. She also displays a considerable amount of leadership ability and plundering skills, being the leader of "The Predators". A group of bandits in the black spot known for their ruthlessness. She is also a very capable fighter, able to perform combination moves with others she just met. Moves:

  • Predator Cross
    • Predator Cross Solo
  • Magnetic Wings