Shintenou (Shittenou/  四天王 )is the 4 strongest Needless on the side of Simeon Company besides Adam Arclight. They are considered the strongest and the most capable out of all the Needless belonging to the Simeon Company and it's support group Killer Girls Squad. Aside from Adam Arclight and the 666 Committee they possess the highest authority in the company, and subsequently the Black Spot.

Being part of the Shintenou is associated with not only the authority, power and wealth of the Simeon Company, but also indicates their vast superiority towards Mid-level Needless.

Members (Current)

  1. Riru Rokakuji
  2. Uten (Literally Translates to "Right Wing")
  3. Saten
  4. Masked Individual
    • The identity of the 4th member of the Shintenou is one of the closest guarded secret in Simeon Company.
    • Revealing the identity of the 4th member is tantamount to a death sentence to those who belong to the company.
    • It had been kept secret due to those who had figured out his/her identity were eliminated immediately.

Former Members:

  • Kafka - Previously held the name Uten