Seto is a young girl holding a large sword with a skull-design handle. She is a prominent member of the Black Spot's Mercenary Guild. For a while, due to unknown circumstances, Blade became her partner. Her fragment is 'Graviton', an ability that lets her control gravity. She calls herself a 'Shinigami' or 'Reaper'. She is obsessed with money and became a mercenary to earn tons of it.



She has been noted as being very greedy for money, driving he to accept more jobs from the Mercenary Guild.


Prior to the start of the story

Post PF Zero Blast

After the PF Zero Blast, she reappeared alongside Blade and Solva and finished off Hatfield. She and Solva remained behind to defend the town from future attacks. Upon fighting against Uten's Clone, she was nearly defeated and was stabbed by a spear made of Eden's Seed. Uten thinking that Seto was unworthy or incapable of handling the Eden's Seed, hence perish. Surprising Uten however, Seto absorbed the Eden's Seed spear thereby increasing her Fragments powers and granting her a Stigmata in the process. This lead to her Defeating Uten in the end.

Powers and Abilities

Seto is a needless and is an experienced combatant. She initially made others believe that her sword was the source of her powers, but in truth she was referring to her Right Arm as the sword of the Shinigami/Death God. Being a mercenary she has fought and won against multiple individuals. She possesses considerable proficiency in wielding her giant metal sword in combat against her opponents and frequently uses it in conjunction with her Fragment.

Seto has good combative senses and teamwork even with those she has just met, and creating a combination attack. Seto also possesses decent observational and deductive reasoning skills, albeit not at the level of Cruz Schild. She was able to deduce that not only was Kanna's party the real people who made the request at the Mercenary Guild for protection, but that Solva and her group, known as Predators, at the time were the enemies.

Fragment: Graviton - Allows the user to manipulate the gravitational forces. This can be used to either increase or decrease of an area or an individual. Seto uses her fragment in conjunction with her sword in striking her opponents. Upon engaging and enemy Seto usually reduces their gravity to a point wherein they float, thereby losing their footing. She then proceeds to attack them from above with her sword with increased gravity and the area surrounding her enemies.

She has even been able to considerably hinder Mio's movement when she had increased her gravity. However the fact that Mio was at the time carrying an already incredibly heavy and gigantic Orichalum stuffed rabbit is also a factor to stopping Mio's movements at the time.


Predator Cross - A combination attack with Solva, wherein both their enemies are crashed onto each other at extreme height and/or speed.