Second Sight is a Needless Fragment. It was first used by Ashiki in the prequel Needless 0 [1]. Allows the user to see ghost and/or spirits beings, as well as dominate and control said beings and use them for combat. Aishiki has referred to ghost and the like, as Bullets or Ammunition. Whether this is in the literal sense or simply a turn of phrase is unclear.


  • First Appearance:
    • Needless 0 V1 - Chapter 3


  • Battling a ghost
  • 3rd eye revealed!
  • Absorbing ghost into the eye

 Allows the user to see and communicate to ghost in the form of a 3rd Eye, placed at the center of his/her forehead aligned vertically. The user can control and dominate ghost or simply consuming them into it's 3rd Eye as "ammunition" for his attack in a some kind of version of telekinesis. This is something akin to Poltergeist activity.

It is implied that Aishiki can set loose his previously acquired ghost against his enemies in either directed or undirected actions.


  • Exorcism: Opens the user's 3rd Eye and consume the ghost within the user's vicinity. The ghost/spirits consumed can be used later as if stored.


  1. Needless 0 - V1 - Chapter 3