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One of the Four Strongest of Simeon and the left-hand man of Arclight (His cape is dark blue in the manga but green and yellow in the anime). He has been Arclight's follower longer than any of the other current strongest. He seems to have his own agenda however, as he withholds information from Arclight including where Blade lives. During his fight with Eve, he went easy on her and he allows her to save Cruz by faking defeat. Eve questioned him why did he go easy on her and he replies that he didn't want to kill her because he likes her. His Fragment is Thermal Energy Conversion; "Dai Yon Ha Dou (The Fourth Wave)" allows him to absorb thermal energy and redirect it in various ways. Some of the observed uses include freezing objects by absorbing their heat, creating wind gusts by manipulating the pressure in the air around him (altering its temperature), and releasing absorbed energy as a powerful thermal wave. He has a stigmata. In the manga,Saten is actually the real Adam ArclightIn the anime version, Saten's real name is Kanazuki Kyoji.

Post PF-Zero BlastEdit

Saten reappeared in front of a hospitalized Eve as well as the Blade faction and teased them about Eve's life threathening condition. He denys being the one responsible for Eve's condition and claiming they are just paying her a hospital visit. The syringe he holds in his hand apparently is an antidote to Eve's poison. Blade engages Saten in battle, where Saten reveals a strange tattoo on his left arm. When Saten 'activates' the mark, the gauntlets around his arms peal open allowing him to launch "Dai Go Haddou" (The Fifth Wave) an energy wave many times stronger than his normal 'Fourth Wave' attack. Using this, he easily overpowers Blade. After Blade destroys the door linked to his memories, Saten desperately runs to Cruz who gets pierced by one of the shards and ends up being pulled into Blade's memories along with Cruz. Saten is currently working together with Cruz and young Blade to find the exit to Blade's memories. Saten is currently fighting against a young Kafka inside Blade's memories.

Eve StoryEdit

Saten entered the Underground Hospital and brought a member of the 666 Committee along with him. He was also bringing a syringe that he says could save Eve. After Blade shatters his gate of memories, Cruz & Saten appeared in Blade's memory world. Blade's memory is currently mixed up with the present, like Kafka who was dead appearing infront of young version of Blade and Overlord a guild which was created few years ago (this memory time is at least 7 years ago). Eve melted due to unknown reason, and she needs an EIR system to tranfer doppelganger to Eve in order to restore her body.


In the anime-only alternative filler end, it is revealed that he too has the Byakugou (Fragment zero) after being rescued by Triple Six Committee and given Eden seeds when Adam Arclight absorbed the Second's remains and destroyed the facility. Before the transition, he was Doctor Gido's assistant, and helped with the development of both Adams. But after years of disguising his identity and true power from Arclight and his associates, Saten managed to acquire Eve's Doppelganger Fragment, he no longer had a need for Triple Six and their scientists to help maintain his body, he rebels, killing off the committee and barging into Arclight and Blade's battle, using his staggering roster of Fragments to overwhelm Arclight and Riru. He then used Aruka's Fragment to destroy Arclight's mechanical heart, and used The Fourth Wave to destroy his body. Arclight, however, returns with Riru Roukakuji's help and destroys his body.

Saten's real face

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