Riru in episode 1.

Riru Rokakuji is one of the Four Strongest of Simeon . She is the leader of the Simeon Killer Girls Squad. Her Fragment power is Psychokinesis , a form of telekinesis and she is possibly the only one who possesses it, as hinted by Disc that this ability is pretty rare and the most powerful out of all fragments. She is always seen with a giant fan which she carries around using a combination of Psychokinesis and physical strength. She used to rule her own Black Spot until she met Arclight (a rather... interesting... encounter shown in Needless 0). She appears to be in a relationship with Arclight and sees all his forms as cute or beautiful.She is also part of the Eve series and has choker with EVE M on it.



riru is a very confident and intelligent woman.


Prologue Arc

The Magician Uten Arc

Simeon Arc

Arclight Arc

St. Rose Academy Arc

City Arc

Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Psychokinesis - Allow Riru to control anything by mere thought. This ranges from Large multiple buildings to the most miniscule at the molecular level. examples of these are when she protected the Simeon Company building during the fight with and her stopping the attack of Blade's Agnis Shiwattas to render it useless.

Unknown if it is due to Riru's status as a product of the Eve Project but aside from Psychokinesis, she can also use other forms of Psy energy, thus granting her other abilities such as Teleportation, Psychometry and Psychometry.



Eternal Distortion - A stronger version of her usually Psychokinesis, in which she attacks her enemies with a strong telekinetic push or pull.

Black Hole Dust Angel - Riru creates a Black hole to suck in her enemies. It is unknown if her enemies were to enter the event horizon of what their fates would be.