Rain Maker is Needless Fragment . It was first seen used by Hatfield. Able the user to summon and control water


  • First Appearance:
    • Needless - Chapter 67


It allows the user to summon and control rain and as a type of water type fragment, Hatfield allows to manipulate water as well turning them into sorts of attacks, making his attacks and range more dangerous.

Special Moves

  • Rain Laser: Hatfield's signature attack. A full pressure water attack that can pierce anything even metal or diamond. First used on BQ and Darts.
Rain grinder

The Rain Grinder attack

  • Rain Grinder: Creates a grinder from water, cutting it's enemies. First used on Kana's robot.
  • Rain Hammer: Creates a giant hammer from water. First used on Rin.
  • Rain Needle: A defensive ability. That defends the user against grab attacks. First used on Mio.
  • Aqua Coral: A defensive ability allows to block strong attacks. First used on Mio.

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