Prologue Chapter 4
Japanese Title
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Purorōgu dai 4-shō
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Prologue Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of the Needless manga.


Cruz has a sudden change in personality, laughing maniacally and taunting Kafka's previous threat. Kafka suspects that he may have a split personality however another Cruz off to the side questions as to how there are two of him. The Cruz in front of Kafka begins to change it's shape and reveals itself to in fact be Eve using her fragment Doppelganger. Doppelganger acts as a fragment that allows Eve to alter her shape as long as the mass difference is not too great. Eve attacks Kafka with her Eve Cannon and knocks him into a nearby building. Kafka still believes that his string in unbreakable and prepares to take on Blade again. This time Kafka unleashes and even larger amount of threads with his Tempest Thread technique. However this proves futile against Blade as he makes short work of the strings. Not only that but Blade reveals that he has somehow "memorized" something and unleashes a Tempest Thread of his own. In his final moments Kafka realized that he didn't actually break the string but nullified it by using his own power against him. Kafka figures out that Blade is in fact using a fragment known as Zero which allows him to memorize the fragment of other Needless. 

After the battle, Eve see's a leftover picture of Cruz's sister; Aruka. Gido assumes that she has been killed by Simeon and that Cruz is now all alone in the world. As a nice gesture, Eve uses her fragment to change into Aruka's form so that Cruz may see "her" one last time. The moment is ruined however by Eve referring to Cruz by "Yamada".