Prologue Chapter 3
Japanese Title
Romanized Title
Purorōgu dai 3-shō
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Prologue Chapter 3 is the third chapter in the Needless manga.


Cruz is confronted by Simeon's Kafka in his attempt to locate Blade, Kefka shows Cruz his fragment by unleashing his Tempest Thread upon him. Meanwhile at the church, Gido has collected data from the destroyed testament. The data in question reveals that Cruz's location had been sent to Simeon just before it was destroyed, meaning the pursuers are still after him. Blade reveals his knowledge of the Needless Hunt; a strange "sport" where Needless are hunted down and ruthlessly killed, leaving nothing but mutilated corpses. Gido suspects that the rumors of the hunt have arisen due to Simeon's actions. Simeon is revealed to be a pharmaceutical company that though gains the general publics trust in actuality conducts in human testing in order to obtain an immortality to drug to sell to the rich. Simeon will stop at nothing to obtain thier goal including but not limited to burning down the entire area in search of Blade and Cruz. Since a Testament failed to do the job, the group conclude that the next pursuer is sure to be a Needless. Excited for this new challenge, Blade heads out to look for Cruz.

Kafka continues to use his mysterious and sharp strings to attack Cruz. Kafka finally reveals that he in fact a Needless with the fragment Kandata String. Just as he's about to deal the finishing blow, Kafka asks Cruz where the priest's location is. This leads Cruz to realize that Blade was in fact not a part of Simeon. Bored of his prey, Kafka prepares to kill Cruz; that is until Blade, Eve and Gido arrive on the scene.

Cruz pleads that there is no way that a Needless can be beated by a human no matter how strong he is, however Gido soon reveals that they in fact have 2 Needless on thier side. Confused, Cruz asks why Blade didn't use his fragment earlier on the Testament to which Blade replies "because I didn't have any" much to Cruz's confusment. Kafka then tosses Cruz aside and reveals the origin of his Kandata String. He reprises the story of "The Spider's Thread" and states that the only person who can sever his string would be god himself. Kefka wraps his string around Blade and goes in for the kill.

Just then however, Blade manages to break the string almost effortlessly much to Kafka and Cruz's surprise. Panicked, Kafka threatens to kill Cruz if Blade steps any closer. Blade doesn't seem to care and allows Kafka to attack Cruz, however Kafka's attack is easily stopped by Cruz himself.