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Needless are individuals who have awakened to supernatural abilities, after the death of The Second. Their abilities are called Fragment. They are called such, due to them being unneeded in normal society (The City), and are therefore left in the Black Spot.


It is a general rule that a Needless may only have one fragment ever, with the exception of certain individuals. Aside from their Supernatural abilities Needless possess also a physical body far stronger than an average human in all aspects, but most notable in their toughness.


Needless where originally theorized as coming into being as an after effect of radiation, after the incident of WWIII, that created the black spots all around the world. Speculated initially as a mutation in the denizens of the Black Spot for staying there too long and absorbing the radiation from the nuclear fall out.

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Their true origins however are vastly different. The first theory probably a obfuscation by the 666 Committee and Simeon Company to hide not only the truth of the Black Spot and the incident of WWIII that created them, but also about the Angel.

Needless came into being due to the 1st two angels coming into earth, with one angel dwelling deep inside the earth of the largest black spot, and the other possessing the body of a human, The Second. Either due to the presence of the angel deep underground, or the fact that the Dimensional Gate that was created after the 1st incident is present in The City, Dark Matter is found to reside in living individuals.

Dark Matter is present in not only the city but most notably in the Black Spot. Dark Matter is taken up in the body by normal individuals to a certain degree (very low levels), and lead normal lives for the Black Spot. In certain Individuals however, it reacts more potently and are able to take in and bear more dark matter inside themselves. These individuals then develop supernatural abilities and become Needless.

It is unclear what factors make a needless able to sustain the dark matter more so than the average individual. Increased exposure to the dark matter energy constantly is more likely to yield more needless, hence the high concentration of needless being in Japan, given the presence of the largest Black Spot on earth is located there.


Needless can be ranked according to their Fragment's abilities. There are however exceptions, wherein a Needless grows in strength after partaking of the Eden's Seed, and surviving. The increase is substantial given that a mid-level needless gained Missing Link level powers (Ex. Teruyama). Those able to survive such massive concentrations of Eden's Seed are typically those who could bear a Stigmata.

  • Adam Project Subjects
  • Missing Link
    • (Eve Project subjects/Stigmata Bearers)
  • High Level Needless
  • Mid Level Needless
  • Low Level Needless