Magnetic World is a Needless Fragment. It was first seen used by Solva.



Allows the user to attract and or repel anything the user is aware of within a 100 meter radius, by creating a magnetic field where her hands are directed at. It is typically used by declaring either Magnetic World (Attract) or Magnetic World: Anti (Repel) and the object or individual that Solva addresses. The object or individual need not be specifically named and may be as generalized or described by Solva.


Predator Cross

Solva showing the true brutality of her powers

  • Magnetic World(マグネットワールド): Pulls the target near the user. It is also use as a defensive weapon.
  • Magnetic World: Anti (マグネットワールド:アンチ): The opposite of Magnetic World, it repels the target away from the user.
  • Predator Cross Solo(プレデタークロス・ソロ): The user creates 2 metallic wings and slamming it to the target while it was front of an huge object. Used against Kafka.
  • Magnetic Wings