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Kuruko Tesuyanagi A.K.A Madam Black later on called Black Mother. she is the principal of the St Rose Academy. She is a needless possessing the Fragment of Wind

Powers and Abilities

Madam Black is Physically strong enough to wear casually a Steel dress with no difficulty nor a decrease on her speed. Being the principal of St. Rose Academy she is more than capable of handling her Killer Girl Squad Graduates who are Needless with ease

Fragment: Wind - Allows the user to manipulate various aspects of the Air including but is not limited to air Pressure. Considered a more powerful type of Fragment than Bionic Compressor.


  • Elegant Cyclone
  • Steel Wig Cyclone
  • preparing for Steel Wig Cyclone
  • Steel Wig Cyclone unleashed
  • Elegant Cylone


Black Madam's clothes are completely made out of Steel allowing for little to no clothing damage. She also Carries with her a steel Umbrella. She is also noted to be wearing a Steel Wig.

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