Kusaimon Nifter is Hatfield's direct subordinate and a member of the Simeon Overseers Force. He is a normal human.




Bloody Rain Arc

Nifter's first appearance was in Chapter 64 of the manga. As a member of the Overseers Force, Nifter was tasked with managing the labor force for the Black Market Mine, which was currently occupied by Simeon. However, when the townspeople constructed a barricade to prevent Simeon from "recruiting" them for mine labor, Nifter led four Testaments and destroyed the barricade.

Three of his Testaments overwhelmed Darts, Ishiyama, and Kana, but their lives were saved thanks to an intervention from Cruz, Disk, and Mio. Although Nifter informs the Girl Squad members that they should be on the same side, Mio incapacitates him with a German Suplex. Confused and enraged, he escapes on his fourth Testament, swearing that they will all be slaughtered.

Nifter makes another brief appearance towards the end of Chapter 65 to report his failure to Hatfield, with Aruka in attendance. His report prompts Hatfield and Aruka to begin an all-out assault on the Black Market townspeople using their Clone Army.

Moustache Arc

Nifter 6

There are some mistakes you don't make twice.

While Hatfield battles Cruz and the townspeople, Nifter confronts Aruka and asks why she would take the trouble to melt the ice wall that prevented the townspeople from escaping. Aruka does not respond, considering him to be a nuisance. Without a backward glance, she uses Agnishwattas to destroy him, leaving his body a charred corpse. Later it is confirmed by Blade's group that NIfter died .