Kurumi is one of the girls that make up Simeon's Killer Girl Squadron.

Kurumi 'entered' the show in episode 9 and died in episode 12 after being unexpectedly noticed by Cruz.




Simeon Arc

In the Simeon arc, she kisses Eve after she is captured, giving her the ESP virus and commanding her to become the Girl Squadron's servant. Cruz said he noticed by "her own words" meaning she said she "is watching from some other room monitor", but she is really in the room.and because the curtains made the desk a blind spot from the only camera in the room, yet she noticed Solva right away. Cruz saw only two choices, the closet or the bookshelf. The last "giveaway" was that Kurumi didn`t see Teruyama until he hit Setsuna, and that wouldn`t have happened if Kurumi was in the closet, so that left only one choice; the bookshelf. Then, they (Team Blade) devised a plan. Their plan was to lure someone in front of the bookshelf and make it look like they were aiming for them, but then use gravity to aim at Kurumi afterwards, which succeeded.

Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Black Attraction - allows her to control a victim by orally transmitting an ESP virus, which then takes over the victim's brain and causes them to only obey what she has told them to do.

Kurumi`s fragment

Kurumi`s 'fragment picture'

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