Kanna or Kana is a young girl who apparently attacked Solva and her group along with her two henchmen. She seemed to control both fire and ice. In reality it was through a machinery behind her throne and Solva and her group were the bandits. Kanna defends her fathers treasure, the only patch of land in Black Spot where flowers grow. Giant sunflowers to be specific. Much later Cruz's search for Seto and Solva led them to Kanna's town only to find that Simeon had taken it over, With Kanna and her two helpers named Darts and Ishihara currently fighting them. It is also revealed that Kanna really is a Needless whose fragment is "Over Technology" it gives her a high technological IQ and the ability to make complex machines out of scrap.




Blood Rain Arc

During the Bloody Rain Arc, Cruz, Disc, and Mio go to the Black Market to help Disc to be repaired encountering Kanna and her two henchmen, Darts and Ishihara in defending the town against Simeon. In the Arc itself explains Kanna's Fragment.

Powers and Abilities

Fragment: Over Tech/ Over Technology - The Over Tech Fragment allows Kanna to create any type of mechanical contraption from the most benign such as a toy train to a fully weaponized and functional Mecha robot that 3 people can operate from the inside.

Her inventions are slotted together and do not require any type of welding to fuse them together. She is able to use any mechanical or electrical junk that is present and single out the parts she requires for the invention she is working on at that time.



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