Ishiyama is a member of the 666 Committee/ 666 Members Committee and a board member of Simeon

Pharmaceutical Company. He is a needless possessing the Fragment Memory Guard.


Ishiyama has the appearance of an old man with white or grey hair and is balding on the top of his head. He wears an all black suit.



Powers and Abilities

Despite his age and frail looking appearance he is a formidable opponent. He also possesses enhanced physical strength and agility being easily able to dodge, counter and attack his opponents much younger than himself. Ishiyama has explained that he has partook of the Apple of Eden which has increased his physical capabilities to the extent that he is able to easily parry and counter both Adam Blade and Mio in combat using only his martial arts skills.

It is unexplained as to why either through his Fragment, physical abilities or others, but he is able to move freely in 3-dimensions in a space/room with little to no effort. He makes use of this in his fighting style to acquire footing in unconventional places such as the ceiling or walls.

Fragment: Memory Guard - Allows the user to affect or peer into the memory of his targets.


  • Blackout Invoke
Memory guard 5
Memory gaurd 7