Graviton (重力作成) is a needless fragment that manipulates gravity. It is first seen used by Seto.



The usage of this fragment by means of increasing or decreasing the gravity around a target or it's surroundings. It can also causes a "shock wave" like effect that can blow multiple targets, however it makes the user open to attacks.

Special Moves


Gyro Gravitation

  • Gyro Gravitation(ジャイログラビテーション,Jairo gurabiteeshon): Releases a powerful gravity shock wave that knocks the enemy flying, then send them back to the ground it will cause a massive damage when those targets return to the ground due to the increased gravity. It is first used on the Girls Squad.
  • Graviton: Increases the gravity on a person or object.
  • Gravity Deprive: Weakens the gravity on a person or object.
Hneedless098 009

Jail Gravitation

  • Jail Gravitation: A more powerful version of Gyro Gravitation. It's effects can cause a devastating shock wave. Used by Seto after being affected by Eden's Seed. First used against Uten and Kafka.

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