Glossary of Terms

666 Committee/ 666 members Committee

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Black Spot

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Formerly part of Tokyo. Became the Black Spot when WWIII occurred and was bomber by a multitude and variety of Bomb from different countries. the resulting fallout resulted in a desolate and supposedly contaminated area. It is heavily guarded to prevent its residents from going out.


Also called as the "Second's Shards".

Missing Link

A.K.A The missing link between Man and God. The lost step to evolution. A type of Fragment which is rare or unique and more powerful. It makes use of more portions of the brain on the needless to access. Considerably more powerful than a typical Fragment. Typically associated with the Stigmata.


Individuals who possess Fragments


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A birthmark-like tattoos placed in a Needless' body, represents that they are connected to the Second.


See more: Testaments
Testament 1

Large spider-like machines built by Simeon to patrol areas and destroy resistance forces. They are also used during the war and they are formidable opponents, able to heavily injure Blade before being dispatched. Ruri has been secretly building massive Testaments for the latest Simeon controlled area. Also, Disc has an armada of refurbished Testaments for her protection at Iron Mountain.

The Second

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Iron Mountain

A mysterious base that is said to hold almost all of mankind's history. It was assumed to be destroyed during WWIII, but appears to be in perfect condition. In the anime, its only inhabitants are Disc and her battalion of Testaments.

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