Fragrance (フレグランス or 香) is a Needless Fragment. It was first seen used by Kuchinashi. Allows the user to create odors internally using their body's hormones to control their opponent. It varies from simply paralyzing the opponent to even manipulating their movements and such.


  • Other Users:Adam Blade
  • First Appearance:
    • Needless - Chapter 13-
    • Needless anime Episode 6


The fragment allows the user to create a special scent that can affect the enemy's brain and nerves. The scent or odors are produced internally by the user using their body's hormones as the base. The user can even create multiple variations of a scent to produce the same effect. This is useful in that it allows the user to overcome the Zero Fragment somewhat. Creating limitless variations of a scent to affect Adam Blade.

Weakness - It has been described by Adam Blade that the speed of the attacks by this fragment are somewhat slow. The gap of the attack being released and it attacking the opponent may be used to counter it. Its other weakness is also its dependence on diffusion and direction control being air based, That particular weakness however has been addressed by Kuchinashi's Jet Gauntlet equipment.


  • Maiden Restriction -Paralyzes the enemy's brain. Causing them to be unable to move. This first used on Blade.
    • Maiden Restriction: Type Ambergris - Re-modify the scent of Kuchinashi's ability to counter Blade's ability, apparently the same effect.
    • Maiden Restriction: Type Civet - A stronger version of Maiden Restriction.
  • Crown Marionette -Misdirects the neural signals in the enemy's brain, turning them into a Marionette for a while in which Kuchinashi has control over their bodies. The target however still retain their consciousness.
    • Crown Marionette Large-Serving - is Clown Marionette but designed for large crowds.
  • Lilith Temptation: Creates a illusion into the enemy's brain. Causing a simulation of one's greatest desire. Those who are affected will enter into a dream like state and forgetting what is going on in reality, making them prone to attacks. It is used on the Blade group, after Kurumi was killed.