Fragment (フラグメント Furagumento ) is what gives a Needless his/her strange powers. It is called a fragment due it being only partial or a small amount of The Second's power.


A Fragment is a source of a Needless' power. Many people believed that after The Second's disappearance, his power was divided and spread to each individual. Thus, the name Fragment. There is a strict rule for any Fragment users and that is only one Fragment for one Needless. This does not affect Adam Blade, Adam Arclight and Saten though because of their Fragment 'Zero' which lets them memorize the ability of their opponents.

Fragments however cannot be absorbed/copied if the person themselves has not yet fully awakened his/her Fragment. Fragments are named by it's possessor and is heavily implied that the "Naming" is instinctual, and that the Fragments themselves already posses such names that the Needless must instinctively derive.

List of Known Fragments:

Those marker with (*) after their name are fragments which were not fully expanded upon or even shown in some cases.