Egoic Lotus is a Needless Fragment . It was first seen used by Taeka . It grants the user the ability to access and manipulate "Qi" or "Chi", to reach various effects. From healing to an energy projectile capable of damaging sturdy stone and metal structures.


  • First Appearance:
    • Needless 0 Chapter 4


Tneedless 000 207

Egoic Lotus

The Fragment's main usage is in form of spiritual power from a form of a lotus and it's petals, allowing the user to heal others or releasing a powerful wind-like shock wave, capable of destroying and pushing enemies far away.

Special Moves

Tneedless 000 209-210

The real power of Qi.

  • Open Lotus Flower: By using a form of spiritual attack, the user can release tremendous amounts of force capable of destroying structures and pushing opponents in a single attack.

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