Disk or Disc (ディスク) is a cyborg who resided in Iron Mountain. Even though she has the appearance of a young girl, she is actually 100 years old. After the incident in Iron Mountain, she joins forces with Blade to take out Simeon.

She was found by Cruz along with Eve after the PF Zero blast, but her body was damaged. She is currently a head using her pigtails to move and controlling a testament for long distance travel. Disk has grown affectionate of Cruz ever since he cross dresses as a girl. Cruz and Mio are currently aiding her to find body parts to repair her damaged body.

Disk manages to repair her body, and sets out alongside Blade, Solva, Seto, and Eve to hunt down Simeji. When a Half, the chief of the police department, appeared, Disc stays behind to fight him. She easily defeats him, noting that his body was made of unnecessary metals, and that he should learn to have more taste. She is voiced by Katou Emiri in the original Japanese version and by Serena Gonzalez in the English dubbed version.


Disk looks like a child when really she is a 100 years old



Powers and Abilities

Disk is half Human Half Machine Being (Cyborg) who has been in existence for at least a century. She is also the current (as of the start of the story) administrator of Iron Mountain.

Being a Cyborg, Disk is immune from the effects of aging, Hack any electronic system (eventually) and is functionally Immortal. She is able to Interchange her Head with various other mechanical bodies, which has included various machinery including a testament. Her Twin tail hair style can become drills in which she uses to attack enemies. She can live as a disembodied head if need be.

Given Disc/Disk's cybernetic parts she can access her memory in video format to show others and use her fragment at a later time to analyze them properly. She also possesses vast encyclopedic knowledge of all things and can upload massive amounts of information into herself. she can download and upload all kinds of information along with her memory. All information she uploads into herself she can make use of immediately, shown as she performs Emergency Surgery on Adam Blade.

Fragment: Scan/Analysis - a non combative Fragment which analyzes an opponents Physical Data (such as BWH measurements.) and Abilities, including the opponents fragment. along with her equipment it allows her to even see in microscopic level and thermal vision.