Bionic compressor a fragment which allows user to freely control Air pressure. the user can increase or decrease air pressure and freely direct it as they wish with their hands. This was first seen used by Rin.


The user directs the force of the air pressure with their hands, Typically used to impose a sudden downward force against their enemies, thereby crushing them into a meaty pulp. Using both hands the user could crush their enemies in place by directing the air pressure at both sides of the opponent. It can also be used as a blunt force attack, strong enough to send an opponent flying to a wall.

The user could also compress air into a small container and use it as a form of explosive trap that leaves no residue or traces, like an "Invisible Bomb". Compressing air into a small container and filling it with metallic objects hard enough to inflict physical damage to an individual. Upon opening said container the previously contained air pressure would explode, sending the materials inside to ram against the individual. This has been noted to be strong enough to lodge said container inside the body of the target.

It has been seen decreasing or increasing the air pressure in a room to not only disorient enemies, but also to dull their movement. Theoretically if the user reduces the air pressure around them they would experience an increase in speed due to lesser air resistance. This is however exposes the user to reduced oxygen intake as a result
Needless v10 c70 - 21


Bionic Compressor: increases the air pressuer around the Enemy : this move was used first on setsuna

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