Agnis Schiwattas (炎神の息吹) is a Needless Fragment. It was first seen used by Aruka Schild. A unique fire type fragment where it slows down and speeds up molecules in any object thus producing fire or flame projections or attacks. Due to it's nature it can bypass most defenses.



It is considered the most powerful fire fragment ever seen, since it can boil metal as well as other Honoo Fragment Needless'. It is considered a Missing Link Fragment, due to Blade having a hard time memorizing it. Has also been used as long range projectile blast of Fire.


Heat Explosion: A close combat move where a single touch from the attack instantly boils the insides of her opponent. It is firstly used on Teruyama.

Eden Seed Power Up

After Aruka died, Aruka's clones were known for little kids. They've used one technique only.

  • Agnish Akasha: Two of Aruka's clones hold hand and put their bodies near, firing out a flamethrower. First seen on Blade's Team.

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